Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnosis Scripts for Therapy

Hypnosis Scripts may be just what you need to unlock the door and walk through.
Hypnosis Scripts may be just what you need to unlock the door and walk through.

Hypnosis scripts are an excellent way to make dramatic improvements in your life very quickly and easily. The best thing about a script is that all you need is someone who can read effectively or a tape recorder. Hypnosis scripts eliminate the need for any type of thought or skill in a therapy session. They are a great way to start working on an issue, but they are not the end all be all of hypnotherapy.

Not Always the Right Fit

Many times when you have a mental block a good hypnosis script with some post hypnotic suggestions is all you need. However; there are times when the issue is a little more stubborn. Sometimes a mental block comes from an unresolved issue from the past. It could also come from conflicting desires and priorities. Until these problems are taken care the best written  hypnosis scripts in the world won’t make a bit of difference. In these instances something a little more interactive is required.

Getting the Client Involved

It is always important that the client takes an interest in their goals. Real change will never happen until the person wants to change. That is why even if you are using a hypnosis script you should make sure that it directly addresses the issue that you are dealing with. I know this sounds elementary, but I have actually seen scripts that are supposed to cure everything from obesity to bed bugs. If you are going to invest your time using a script make sure that it deals directly with your obstacle. If you are a creative type of person you can even add small details that will make it more powerful for you. If you are a female make sure it uses the feminine pronoun. If you can include your name somewhere add it in. A quick word of caution. Unless you are familiar with writing hypnotic suggestions I would avoid adding or removing words. It is easy to reduce the effectiveness of suggestions by changing seemingly simple words. Also avoid the temptation to correct grammar. A well written script has suggestions that are indirect as well as direct. Changing the grammar will destroy their effectiveness.

Using Hypnosis Scripts Effectively

Hypnosis Scripts used effectively will increase your chances of success.
Hypnosis Scripts used effectively will increase your chances of success.

If you are using a hypnosis script for yourself it is a good ideas to record the script and then listen to it played back. This might not always be the best option depending on how you feel about the sound of your recorded voice. If you are okay with what you sound like recorded read through the script several times to get the feel of it and then record away. Don’t get hung up with making a perfect recording or back ground noises. Real life has imperfections most of them are unimportant. Make the recording and then listen to it several times if there is something that you just can’t stand hearing then make another recording. Many times the power of a script is in its repetition so the sooner you start listening the better. If you are one of those people who just can’t stand your voice recorded find a friend to do it for you and don’t let them hear the recording. If they hear it they will want to redo it and as I said before it is an easy way to waste time.

The Sound of a Hypnosis Script

Many times people have strange ideas about how their voice should sound when reading a hypnosis script. I have heard people claim that you should read quietly, or whisper. I have heard it said that scripts should be read in a monotone voice like a boring teacher. In my experience the best way to think about your voice is that you are reading a child a bedtime story. You want inflection on your voice, you want sincerity,you want personality. When you ask a question it should sound like a question. You don’t want monotone, but you don’t want to convey excitement. This is about relaxation so be relaxed in your voice, but hypnosis is not sleep you aren’t trying to bore yourself to change.

Try it for Yourself

I started this website as a way to increase the general public knowledge about hypnosis and its possible uses. I chose the name of the website to attract attention, but I don’t truly believe there is one best way to do hypnosis. In reality the best way to utilize hypnosis is the way that helps you get what you want, and that can be dramatically different for each individual. If you haven’t tried a script out before click the link below to download a script I wrote for stress reduction. If it helps you then Hypnosis Scripts might be able to help you with other issues. Let me know your experience I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

Click here: Stress Reduction Script