Hypnosis, does it require faith to work?

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Does it require faith to use hypnosis?

Does hypnosis require faith?Faith is important, but it is not everything. The most important requirement for hypnosis to work is a desire for change. I have worked with many people who came to me to change different types of behavior. Usually after a short discussion I can determine the ones that really want to change and those that are there to make someone else happy.

Determining if someone is ready for Hypnosis

A great question to ask a prospective client is “When you think about your current behavior, what part of it lets you know that it is a problem?” This usually elicits one of two answers. You hope that they will be able to answer with internal thoughts and feelings about their behavior. If they can that is a good sign that their reason for trying to change is a strong desire for something different. They are motivated by an internal locus of control. Often they will answer “My spouse/ family/ boyfriend told me I need to get help. While it is true that someones family will often recognize a problem before they admit they have it. Unless you can get them to find an internal reason to change, they will resist all attempts to help them change. I have had complete skeptics of hypnosis come into my office sit down and leave changed almost miraculously, because they really wanted to change. I have also had absolute believers who had used hypnosis in the past to overcome problems fail to change because they really didn’t see their “issue” as a problem.

The second ingredient for change

If you have taken care of desire the second most important ingredient for change is the best hypnosis method. If the first thing you try doesn’t work; you haven’t failed. You have just narrowed down the choice of possible answers. Sometimes finding the right one takes persistence. For most people, staying persistent, takes faith.

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