How to use Self Hypnosis as an Effective Tool

Self Hypnosis an Effective Tool

Man balancing in High wire
Self Hypnosis can help you balance the resources you have with the goals you want to accomplish

Self hypnosis can be an effective tool to help you accomplish your goals more quickly and with less frustration. Often when we decide on a new goal the point is to improve yourself in some way. This can mean either changing a behavior altogether, or becoming more disciplined at something you are already doing. Self hypnosis can help you with either one of these goals. In the first instance it can be used to help you get rid of destructive habits that might be holding you back from becoming everything you would like to be. In the second it can reinforce the discipline you need to stay on track until you have completed your goals.

Removing Destructive Habits

The first mistake people make when they try to get rid of a bad habit is they fail to realize that they need a replacement behavior. This is why so many people who quit smoking feel nervous long after the nicotine addiction has worn off. Your sub-conscious mind needs to know what its going to do instead of the behavior your getting rid of. If you can think of a good replacement then the best way to use self hypnosis is to induce a trance state and then visualize yourself engaging in the new behavior in situations that you used to engage in the old behavior. As an example if you have a habit of overeating, you would simply imagine yourself pushing the plate away with food still on it, and feeling completely satisfied. A person quitting smoking can imagine themselves getting the compulsion to smoke and then taking a deep breath and feeling the tension evaporate and a sense of well being come over them.

Woman looking in mirror
Self Hypnosis can help you look inside for resources you didn’t even know you had.

Whatever you are trying to get rid of, find a replacement behavior. If you are having trouble finding a replacement behavior then self hypnosis can help with that also. After attaining a trance state ask your sub conscious to come up with an alternative. One of the best parts of self hypnosis is that amount of creativity it can release. It may take you several attempts to find a behavior that works for you, but each attempt takes you closer to the one that will stick.

Increasing Discipline

Usually a lack of discipline in some area is just ineffective state management. What I mean by state management is that your energy and mood are not correctly aligned with your goals. It’s okay to be tired when it’s bed time. It’s not okay to be tired when it’s time to go to the gym and work out. Using self hypnosis to help with this issue is a process called future pacing. Once in a trance state you just need to visualize yourself in the situation that needs more discipline and then imagine yourself with all the resources available to meet the challenge. If the problem is that you are to tired to work out after work then you would imagine yourself leaving the office and feeling energized and ready to workout.

The five senses connected to the brain
Incorporating all five senses will make self hypnosis more powerful.

It’s important to imagine this in vivid detail. Imagine how you would be standing would you slouch or stand up tall? What would your breathing be like,would your breaths be shallow, or would you breath deep and charge your body with oxygen.  What kinds of things would you say to yourself, would you tell yourself “there’s always tomorrow, or would you excitedly repeat the phrase “lets go make this happen!” The more detail you can provide the better. Then the next time you are leaving the office it will trigger you to, stand up tall ,take a deep breath, and say to yourself “lets go make this happen!” It won’t require you to try and psyche yourself up. It will be an automatic response because you have trained your brain how to respond to the event of leaving work.

Unlimited Possibilities

Just using these two tools could dramatically change your life and the amount of personal satisfaction you experience from life. These are just two of many uses of self hypnosis. In a few days I will be publishing a self hypnosis script that you can follow so you can try these techniques at home. Once it’s posted I will link to it in this article.